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Modernize Your Classics with the Second Drop 1st Quarter of the 2024 Collection

Onycha proudly presents the much-anticipated second drop 1st Quarter of 2024 collection. In this exclusive drop, we unveil two captivating additions to our color palette: the timeless allure of black and the chic sophistication of camel. This expansion offers you unparalleled flexibility in crafting cohesive and refined looks that elevate your style to new heights.

In the spotlight of this release is our newest addition: the Zipper Slim Pants.

A testament to modern sophistication, these pants are meticulously designed to become a cornerstone of your wardrobe. With a contemporary cut that exudes charm and versatility, they effortlessly elevate any ensemble.

Our mission for this collection remains unchanged. We're dedicated to showcasing the modern essence of classic styles that #NotSoClassic. With this collection, we aim to breathe new life into timeless pieces, adding fresh details while upholding the highest standards of durability.

Shop the Second Drop of 1st Quarter now

Sale Off
Zipper Vest In Black
IDR 649.000
Sale Off
Zipper Slim Pants In Camel
IDR 579.000
Sale Off
Zipper Oversized Blazer In Black
IDR 1.190.000
Sale Off
Zipper Back Pants In Camel
IDR 759.000