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Escape the Noise and Embrace Comfort with the Onycha Essentials Collection.

It's easy to lose sight of what truly matters in today's fast-paced world. Despite all of this, there's the desire to return to something authentic. At Onycha, we hear this call loud and clear. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our Essentials Vol. 1 Collection. Crafted from premium materials, with a keen eye for detail, each piece in this collection is a testament to our commitment to quality and comfort. 

Essential Vol.1 collection offers two materials, knit and embroidery.

Essential Vol. 1 collection offers two materials, knit and embroidery.


The Knit Collection

The Knitt Collection offers a diverse selection of essential knit pieces to suit every occasion and style preference. Whether you're dressing for a casual day out or a formal evening affair, our knitwear effortlessly combines style and comfort for a look that's both refined and relaxed. 

The products are the Essential Knit Blazer, Essential Knit Blouse, Essential Knit Dress, Essential Knit Long Pants, and Essential Knit Skirt.


The Embroidery Collection

Our embroidered pieces are meticulously crafted from premium cotton, ensuring a luxurious feel and exceptional quality that you can truly feel. Each garment is adorned with delicate embroidery, adding a touch of refined elegance to every ensemble. 

The products are Essential Embroidery Long Pants, Essential Embroidery Top, Essential Embroidery Shirt, and Essential Embroidery Short Pants.

The color palette in Essential Vol.1 is deliberately curated to reflect the timeless elegance of black, grey, cream, and brown. From casual outings to formal gatherings, our collection includes hues that will ensure you always look and feel your best, no matter the occasion.

Our collection offers a versatile array of essentials for every occasion. Whether you're dressing up for a special event or keeping it casual for a day out, Essentials Vol. 1 has you covered. Mix and match pieces to create your unique look, and embrace the freedom of self-expression with Onycha.

Join us to #EvolvewithOnycha, embracing the beauty of the essentials and rediscovering what brings true joy and meaning to your life.